Christmas Bonus

As Christmas approaches, many American workers look forward to receiving a Christmas bonus, usually a lump sum of money added to their December paycheck.


In parts of GERMANY, Switzerland, and Austria the Christkindel or Christkind brings children their Christmas GIFTS.


Christingle is the name of a special Protestant Christmas Eve service popular in ENGLAND. The word also refers to the decorated candles distributed to children at this service.

Chrismon Tree

The Chrismon tree adapts the traditional CHRISTMAS TREE to more strictly Christian uses. It consists of an evergreen tree decorated with traditional Christian symbols of JESUS.

Childrens Letters

The urge to send greetings at Christmas time seizes people of all ages. Businesses prepare hundreds of thank-you notes for their customers.

Cherry Tree

Legend, song, and custom link the cherry tree to the CHRISTMAS SEASON. In all three the cherry tree performs unusual feats in response to the power of God or the magic of the season.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

“A Charlie Brown Christmas” charmed millions of Americans when it made its debut in 1965. This animated television special weaves a story around the Christmas-time antics of the characters from Charles Schulz’s (1922-2000) popular cartoon-strip “Peanuts.”


Folk beliefs assign ST. NICHOLAS the role of Christmas GIFT bringer in Czechoslovakia.

Ceremony of Lessons and Carols

On the afternoon of December 24 a special Christmas service takes place at Cambridge University’s King’s College Chapel.