Luminarias (pronounced “loo-mee-NAR-ee-yahs”) means “lights” or “illuminations” in Spanish. The word also refers to the small bonfires that illuminate the dark nights of the CHRISTMAS SEASON throughout the American Southwest (see also FAROLITOS).


The lovefeast is a special kind of Moravian church service. The Moravians are Protestant Christians whose denomination was established in 1457 in what is now the Czech Republic.

Lord of Misrule

In late medieval and Renaissance ENGLAND, towns, colleges, noble houses, and the royal court often chose a mock king to preside over their Christmas festivities.


Seasonal decorations of GREENERY have embellished European Christmas celebrations for centuries. Laurel’s association with the season can be traced back even further, however.

Lamb’s Wool

If you ever attend a traditional English Christmas feast you might find lamb’s wool on the menu. This oddly named English Christmas beverage combines sugar, spice, wine or ale, and a number of other ingredients.