Julklapp is the Swedish term for a Christmas GIFT. The term “Julk-lapp” literally means “Christmas knock.” This name comes from an old Swedish custom whereby Christmas gift givers would knock on doors, toss in their gift, and run away. These mysterious packages might also be delivered by the YULE GOAT.


Jesus’ earthly father was a man named Joseph. The Bible implies that he made his living as a carpenter (Matthew 13:55).

Year of Birth Jesus

Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus on DECEMBER 25. A quick look at the biblical accounts of the Nativity, however, reveals the fact that neither story mentions the year or the date of JESUS’ birth (see also GOSPEL ACCORDING TO MATTHEW; GOSPEL ACCORDING TO LUKE; and GOSPEL ACCOUNTS OF CHRISTMAS).

Jesus Christ

Christians view Jesus of Nazareth as the founder of their faith. He spent his adult life as a spiritual teacher and healer who moved from place to place, teaching people about God.

Jesse Tree

The Jesse tree gets its name from a prediction made by the Old Testament prophet Isaiah describing the rise of a great, new Jewish leader as “a branch” growing “from the stock of Jesse” (Isaiah 11:1).