Published: 17-12-2012, 01:31

Christmas in Spain: Christmas Foods

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As Christmas draws nearer, Spanish housewives begin to stock up on various Christmas foods. Many people look forward to munching on roasted chestnuts during the Christmas season. Marzipan and turrón, a kind of nougat candy studded with nuts, are both favorite Christmas sweets.

All across Spain, housewives serve a variety of fish dishes on Christmas Eve. Many serve roast turkey for Christmas dinner on the following day. Spanish cooks sometimes bone the turkey before stuffing and cooking it. Turkey stuffing usually includes some kind of pork—either bacon, ham, or sausage — as well as mushrooms, nuts, and onions. Various kinds of wines, including sherry and champagne, may also be served with the holiday meal. Spanish cuisine varies from region to region, and so do traditional Christmas foods. In the northwestern region of Galicia, for example, Christmas dinner might feature a roast suckling pig.