Published: 15-10-2012, 07:21

Christmas in Estonia: From Christmas Day to New Year’s Eve

Christmas in Estonia

Christmas in Estonia: Preparations

Christmas in Estonia: St. Thomas’s Day

Christmas in Estonia: Christmas Eve

Christmas in Estonia: Christmas under Soviet Rule

Christmas in Estonia: Christmas since Independence

Estonian tradition calls for families to spend a quiet Christmas Day at home. In past times people spent the day enjoying the company of family members, singing religious music, and reading the Bible. Parties and visits were left until the following day. The first visitor to the house, both at Christmas and on New Year’s Eve, determined the household’s luck (see also firstfooting). If the first visitor was a woman, the household could expect a run of bad luck. Estonians traditionally celebrated Christmas through December 27, St. John’s Day. The remaining days in the year were viewed as "half-holidays,” in which people did some work, but also spent time celebrating with friends and neighbors.