Published: 27-09-2012, 06:53

Christmas in Brazil: Cards, Charity, Plays

Christmas in Brazil

Christmas in Brazil: Papai Noel, the Three Kings, and Gifts

Christmas in Brazil: Visits and Christmas Dinner

Christmas in Brazil: Christmas Trees and Nativity Scenes

Brazilians have adopted the custom of sending Christmas greetings in the form of Christmas cards. Until recently, many of these cards reproduced the winter scenes commonly found on European and North American Christmas cards. Now Brazilians may opt for cards depicting the sunny scenes more typical of December weather in Brazil. In Brazil Christmas is also a time for charitable giving. Churches hold many fund-raising events during the Christmas season. They usually donate the proceeds to poor families who need financial assistance in order to celebrate Christmas. Another Brazilian custom calls for the presentation of Nativity plays during the season. Most of these plays treat religious themes. Folk plays treating rural life and lore may also be presented during this time. These folk plays often include songs and dances. The most popular of these is called Bumba-meu-Boi, or "Beating My Ox.” The story revolves around a bull that is killed and then brought back to life.