Published: 6-08-2012, 15:11

Christmas in Mexico: Christmas Activities

Christmas in Mexico

Christmas in Mexico: Decorations

Christmas in Mexico: Posadas, pastores, and novenas

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Christmas in Mexico: Christmas foods

Christmas in Mexico: Innocents’ Day, Epiphany, and Candlemas

On Christmas Eve many families finally place the Christ child figurine into the Nativity scene. The figurines representing the shepherds, who have been inching their way towards the stable sheltering the Holy Family, also arrive on Christmas Eve. Mexicans celebrate Christmas Eve by attending the Misa de Gallo, or Midnight Mass. Often the air crackles with the sound of exploding firecrackers as worshipers approach the church. After church families return home to large, festive meals. The next morning the children may receive a small gift from their parents. They will have to wait until Epiphany to receive the rest of their gifts. Mexicans spend Christmas Day visiting with family members and friends.